Click the image below to sign up if you haven't already.


Once you have signed up we will send you login details that will allow you to decide on the topic you want collaborative QI to address. Click on the image below to vote for the topic (you will need login details).


We will take the most popular topics from the topic vote and outline 3 potential projects. You then get to vote for the project you want to do (the most popular wins and everyone will do that one). Click on the image below to vote for the project (you will need login details and this only goes live after the topic vote closes).


Once our collaborators (you) have decided on the project, the collaborative QI team will produce a project pack which will be your guide through the process. Please click on the image below to download the project pack (only available after the project vote).



It is now up to you to start your project (don't worry; all the information on how to do this is in the project pack). This takes some skill, time and effort but we are here to support you. We are delivering our first project using an online platform called LIFE. When you sign up we share your details with them so they can get you registered so you should get an email from LIFE. Make sure you sign up as the rest of the project happens in LIFE.


Now your project has started, you will need to upload data to LIFE (don't worry - all is explained in the project pack). 


LIFE automatically produces charts using the data you upload and the collaborative QI team can track your progress. We will send out a weekly digest email to keep everyone going and to share any learning as you go.


As well as sharing what you learn with the other collaborators through a weekly email update while the project is live, there are discussion groups on LIFE that we will be using to communicate with each other in real time.


Once the project is complete you have the choice; use one of our easy templates to complete a local report or poster and present your findings locally or; wait for the collaborative QI team will write a report that will be submitted for publication in a quality improvement journal (you will be a named author if you fulfil the stipulations in our author policy outlined in the project pack).